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About Us

How did we get here?


Our Story

When John and Erin met in 2016, she thought volleyball was just something you do in PE class in elementary school. She even giggled a little bit when John explained that he was a Volleyball Coach for club volleyball and high school teams. However, when Erin was introduced to the volleyball world, she quickly fell in love with the sport, the families, and the players. This was also when she fell in love with John – especially the passion he has for his family and his work. In fact, the people he worked with (coaches, families and players) became more like family as time went on. Over the years, John has worked at a few different clubs, learning things along the way, but he never found the club that he felt was open to the best practices he had used with his teams. He learned what to do – and what not to do – when coaching and running a club. Finally, with some encouragement from Erin, John finally decided it was time to open his own club. This would ensure that John’s vision for a volleyball club could be put into play. Seemingly overnight, Endless Athletics Volleyball was created. The name Endless Athletics Volleyball was chosen for a reason – John and Erin fully believe that student athletes do not just develop during the club volleyball season. Players will be engaged throughout the year with many opportunities to build their skill set – on and off the court. It is John’s vision to provide a top-notch experience for players and their families. EA Volleyball will achieve this by utilizing quality coaches to implement best coaching practices, develop athletes to see their fullest potential, and provide an open line of communication with families. We will also provide a family experience for our players’ families with family gatherings (meetings and parties), a family lounge (during practices), and many more fun events throughout the year. By partnering with Christ’s Haven for Children, the Endless Athletics Volleyball family (coaches, players and families) will have opportunities to provide service to their community, while building relationships with the EA Volleyball family off the court.

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